Preview Saturday August 29 2020

Tallinn Stallions vs Tallinn Hippos

The Stallions have been the team to beat all season. Both of these teams have had some inconsistent results lately and will be looking to send a message to the competition. Can the Hippos repeat their performance from the ECN tournament, or will the Stallions book a place in next weekend’s final?

Top Players

Saif Malik 773 runs 128.83 avg
Ali Masood 279 runs 31.00 avg

Ali Masood 17 wickets 10.18 avg
Bilal Masud 12 wickets 13.33 avg


Stu Hook 310 runs 34.44 avg
Marko Vaik 219 runs 24.33 avg

Tim Cross 10 wickets 16.70 avg
Rana Rahman 9 wickets 18.33 avg

Tallinn United vs Tallinn Rising Stars

United pushed the Stallions all the way this season, only just missing out in the final week and having to settle for 2nd spot on the table. The Rising Stars have had a massive last month beating the Hippos and Stallions and also defeated United the last time they met. Can United stop their momentum and win their way through to the final or will the Rising Stars continue their great form?

Top Players

Arslan Amjad 580 runs 44.62 avg
Nand Lal 330 runs 36.67 avg

Junaid Tanoli 13 wickets 10.23 avg
Mayur Borgaonkar 12 wickets 12.17 avg

Rising Stars:

Maidul Islam 376 runs 37.60 avg
Shebin Al Din 244 runs 24.40 avg

MD Shoyaib 16 wickets 21.13 avg
Partha Kar 15 wickets 21.53 avg