Transfer Rules

There will be transfer windows set by the Operations Manager. Clubs and Players will be informed of this with good notice.

Where possible windows will be in between leagues.


Any player wishing to transfer must fill out the transfer form above and email it to [email protected] with both the club they are leaving and the club they are joining copied in.

If the player owes any fees to the club they are leaving, the club should provide proof of this to the Operations Manager. The transfer will still be completed, but the player will not be allowed to play until the debt is cleared.

Next Transfer Window

Men – 9:00AM Monday September 18 to 5:00PM Saturday September 30

Women – 9:00AM Monday September 18 to 5:00PM Saturday September 30

Men’s Transfers March 2023

Name From To
Romeo Tanna Tartu KK Tallinn United
Archit nigam Tallinn Riders Tallinn United
Syed Ashgar Tallinn Stallions Tallinn Riders
Nahid Mannan Eesti Tigers Rising Stars
Farai Herbert Chitsa Tartu KK Rising Stars
Mursalin Hossain Tartu KK Rising Stars
Mahabubul Hasan Rising Stars Tallinn Riders
Rishikesh Ram Eesti Tigers Tallinn Riders
Usama Shikdar Rising Stars Tallinn Strikers
Sultan Mohmud Eesti Tigers Tallinn Strikers
Bilal Masud Rising Stars Tallinn Strikers
Ali Masood Rising Stars Tallinn Strikers
Mohammad Zisan Rising Stars Eesti Tigers
Chandru Manogaran Tallinn United Tallinn Riders
Ojus Tudavekar Tartu KK Tartu Wolves
Manish Gupta Tartu KK Tartu Wolves
Aditya Savio Paul Tartu KK Tallinn Stallions
Malcolm Sedgwick Tallinna KK Saaremaa KK
Saimoon Quazi Tartu KK Saaremaa KK
Rando Avarmaa Tartu KK Tallinn Stallions
Rahul Bhola Tartu Wolves Tartu KK

Women’s Transfers April 2023

Name From To
Ragne Hallik Tallinna KK Saaremaa KK
Svetla Gocheva Tallinna KK Tallinn Stallions
Lisa Bowring Tallinna KK Saaremaa KK
Natalia Tykhonravova Tallinna KK Saaremaa KK
Laima Dalbina Tartu KK Tallinn Stallions
Yulia Kravchuk Tallinna KK Saaremaa KK
Elen Kaplan Tallinna KK Saaremaa KK
Fatema Tarin Tallinna KK Tallinn Stallions